Lot 35


Tax records indicate that Henry Reed built a structure($123) on Lot 35 in 1847 and made an improvement ($270) in 1855. The value slowly declined ($40) under Henry Menkel’s ownership until about 1915 when it increased to $260, which is probably because of the building shown in the photograph, which was removed about 1945.

Oral History

Charlie Menkel operated a furniture shop and undertaking business in this building. (Before the Menkels a man named Eberly was the village undertaker.) Charlie kept the hearse downstairs and there was a driveway to the right (?) of the building. Charlie dug a cistern in the basement of his shop using small tools. The basement had a bathroom with a tub. He always washed his hands in a basin attached to the drain pipe. There was an attic in the flat part of the shop, which was accessed by a spiral stair. There was a boardwalk between Menkel’s shop and the Cider Mill on Lot 33 (see the picture on Lot 34).

One of George Freitag’s riddles for the town children to solve was, “When is Charlie Menkel in his shop without his head?” The answer was when he was sticking his head out the window to see what was going on up and down Main Street-which he apparently did quite often.

Bill Menkel, Charlie’s brother, operated a monument shop in the building on Lot 25.

Lot 35 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1846 Henry Reed
  • 1847 Henry Reed
  • 1848 John Thomas
  • 1849 John Thomas
  • 1850 William Reed
  • 1855 William Reed
  • 1860 Henry Menkel
  • 1866 Henry Menkel
  • 1870 Henry Menkel
  • 1875 Henry Menkel
  • 1880 Henry Menkel
  • 1885 Henry Menkel
  • 1890 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1895 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1899 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1905 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1910 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1915 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1920 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1925 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1930 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1935 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1940 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1945 Charles F. Menkel
  • 1950 Isadore Burkhart