Lot 7

Tax records indicate that Frederick Stenzel built a modest structure ($90) on this lot in 1847 and (a) more substantial structure(s) ($367) by 1850. Oral history suggests that this house remained until it was torn down by Charlie Smith about 1920. Hulda Landefeld Young recalled that the Stenzel family lived in a two-story house on this lot when she visited Miltonsburg as a young girl between 1910 and 1920.

Christian Yockey

See Lot 5.

David Pearson

See Lot 2.

Frederick and Barbara Stenzel

Frederick Stenzel was born July 28, 1812 and died March 4, 1877. The 1860 census listed the following members of the Stenzel family: Frederick, a brewer, age 48; Barbara, 38; Elizabeth, 17; John, 15; Caroline, 13; Charles, 8; Jacob, 7; Emaline, 3; and Lucetta, 5 months. The 1880 census listed: Barbara, 58; Emaline, 22; Mary V., 16.

John Jacob Stenzel

An obituary for John Jacob Stenzel, who died in 1926 in Ansonia, Ohio, lists his birth date as August 30, 1853, and his parents as George and Barbara Stenzel. The date of 1853 is consistent with the birth date of John Stenzel as listed in the 1860 census, and it is likely that Frederick Stenzel’s full name was George Frederick Stenzel. The article further stated that John Jacob Stenzel came to Darke County, Ohio at age 17 (1870), where he resided on a farm near Ansonia until his death.

On February 13, 1876, John Jacob Stenzel married Miss Alice Baughman, who died on November 10, 1904. They had four sons, three of whom (John, Herman, and Frank) were alive in 1826. On September 8, 1910, he was united in marriage to Matilda Egger. At the time of his death, his sister Elizabeth was living in Miltonsburg, Emma in Wheeling, and Jennie in Pittsburgh.

Miltonsburg oral history mentions a cave on Lot 7 during the early years of Miltonsburg. Caves, which might have been similar to the springhouses often found in Monroe County farmsteads, were often associated with the breweries and, as noted, Frederick Stenzel was a brewer in 1860. Apparently this cave was similar to the one that still exists in 2006 on Outlot 14.

Charles Menkel

An obituary for Charles Menkel, born July 30, 1907, listed his parents as Louella N. Stenzel, who was born in Monroe County on April 6, 1871 as the wife of Theodore Franklin Menkel, born in Miltonsburg in February, 1870.

Oral History Notes

Other persons who probably lived in this house include Simon Luley, Herbert and Marie Landefeld, Fred Kress, and Albert and Ola Egger.

The original house was torn down by Charlie Smith (Schmidt), who built a much smaller house on the lot about 1920. There was a spring house (sometimes described as a cave) behind (west) of this house. When Charlie Smith built his new house, he used some of the stones from this spring house (which he also removed) in the foundation.

Lot 7 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1835 Christian Yockey
  • 1836 David Pearson
  • 1837 David Pearson
  • 1844 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1845 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1846 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1847 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1848 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1849 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1850 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1855 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1860 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1866 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1870 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1875 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1880 Barbara Stenzel
  • 1885 Barbara Stenzel
  • 1890 Barbara Stenzel
  • 1899 Barbara Stenzel
  • 1905 Barbara Stenzel
  • 1910 Jacob Stenzel
  • 1915 Frederick Stenzel
  • 1920 Charles Schmidt aka Smith
  • 1925 Charles Schmidt
  • 1930 Charles Schmidt
  • 1935 Charles Schmidt
  • 1940 Charles Schmidt
  • 1945 James and Eunice Coss
  • 1950 James and Eunice Coss