Outlot 14




Tax records indicate that by 1890,when Phoebe Keller was the owner of Outlot 14, a structure ($75) was built and another significant improvement was made c1895. By 1920, when it was owned by John Miller the value increased for the last time, suggesting that the buildings were the same as those that existed c1950. Outlot 14 was split about 1925, with the eastern part being assimilated into the adjacent farm land.

Phoebe Keller and Margaret Jones

These women, who were the first recorded owners, may be related or seem to have a connection with Valentine Gates. (See Lot 26.)

Simon Miller

Simon Miller, who owned the west part of the Lot by 1935 was probably related to John Miller. Simon later owned Lot 30.

Emmett Carrick

Emmett Carrick married Elizabeth Burkhard, Isadore Burkhart’s sister.

Oral History Notes

A large, skillfully-made, vaulted cave is built into the hillside of this property and remains structurally sound in 2007. (The building shown on top of the cave in the sketch is only conjectural.) We have found no record of the cave’s function or when it was built. One possibility is that the cave was used in conjunction with a brewery operation in the 1800s or perhaps early 1900s. Oral history also mentions a cave on Lot 7. Frederick Stenzel, who owned Lot 7 from c1844 until c1870, is listed in a census as a brewer and caves such as this seem to have been associated with breweries.

Outlot 14 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1890 Phoebe Keller
  • 1895 Phoebe Keller
  • 1899 Margaret Jones
  • 1905 Margaret Jones
  • 1910 John Miller
  • 1915 John Miller
  • 1920 John Miller
  • 1925 A.C. and H.J. Egger (part of lot)
  • 1925 Simon L. Miller (part of lot)
  • 1930 A. C. and H. J. Egger (part of lot)
  • 1935 Simon L. Miller (part of lot)
  • 1940 A.C. Egger (part of lot)
  • 1940 Isadore Burkhart (part of lot)
  • 1945 Homer G. Landefeld (part of lot)
  • 1945 Emmett and Elizabeth Carrick (part of lot)
  • 1950 Homer G. Landefeld (part of lot)
  • 1950 Harold and Develda Miller (part of lot)