Lot 15


Tax records indicate that Jacob Dorr built a house ($40) on this lot in 1846 and that in 1849 he built a frame house ($345). It is tempting to assume that the first was a log house. It was fairly common practice to keep the log house as a barn or outbuilding rather than to immediately replace it with a new, frame house. This is probably the house that exists in a remodeled state on Lot 15 in 2007.

John Jacob Dorr

See Miltonsburg Religious Life for John Jacob Dorr’s role in the founding and early years of the Miltonsburg Catholic Church.

Charles Phillips Dorr

The son of John Jacob Dorr, was born in Miltonsburg August 12, 1852 and moved with his parents to Woodsfield, Ohio in 1856. After teaching school in Ohio and West Virginia Charles Philips was elected to the United States Congress as a representative from West Virginia. For a brief biographical sketch of Dorr, see the "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress ":http://bioguide.congress.gov/scripts/biodisplay.pl?index=D000436.

Jane Hardesty

Jane Hardesty and her husband, who was probably a cousin of Alex Hardesty (Lot 21), had three children: John; Sam, who was a barber but not in Miltonsburg; and Jewel, who married George Ketterer. Paul Young, Sr. recalled John driving a horse-driven buggy from Wheeling when he came to visit. Hulda Landefeld Young (Lot 11 and 44) recalled that “Jane Hardesty used to bake the best oatmeal cookies.”

Lot 15 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1835 Christian Yockey
  • 1836 David Pearson
  • 1837 David Pearson
  • 1844 Ohio State
  • 1845 Ohio State
  • 1846 John Jacob Dorr
  • 1847 John Jacob Dorr
  • 1848 John Jacob Dorr
  • 1849 John Jacob Dorr
  • 1850 John Jacob Dorr
  • 1855 John Jacob Dorr
  • 1860 Michael Luly
  • 1866 Charles Fox
  • 1870 Lawrence Walter
  • 1875 David Couch?
  • 1880 August Alter?
  • 1885 August Alter?
  • 1890 August Alter?
  • 1895 Jane Hardesty
  • 1899 Jane Hardesty
  • 1905 Jane Hardesty
  • 1910 Jane Hardesty
  • 1915 Jane Hardesty
  • 1920 Jane Hardesty
  • 1925 Jane Hardesty
  • 1930 German Lutheran Church
  • 1935 Florence M Schmitt
  • 1940 Florence M Schmitt
  • 1945 Ida L Steed et al
  • 1950 Ida L Steed et al