Lot 29



A silk photo of Reller's Shop



Tax records indicate that Christian Gromlich (?) or, more likely, Jacob Schuetz built a structure on Lot 29 about 1860 and that Michael Reller added another structure in about 1885. This would explain the two structures shown in the photos and sketches above. It is likely that the southern structure, just across the alley from Lot 11, is earlier structure. It is not clear who Anna Reller et al (who owned this property from c1930-1945) was (were) since Michael’s wife was Mary and they had no daughter named Anna. It is possible that she was a Reller in-law.

Michael Reller

See Lot 11.

Oral History

The two-story shop had an elevator with a rod through the floor that guided it as it moved up and down. Charlie would put a buggy in the elevator and crank it up from the ground floor. The buggies were painted on the second floor. Each spoke of each wheel had a stripe. Men of the town also played poker on the second floor.

An iron pot belly stove was located in the shop. Lloyd Buckio was told that when there was an electrical storm, you could feel the electric tingle when you held a poker in the stove.

Lot 29 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1846 John Lawrence
  • 1848 John Lawrence
  • 1849 John Lawrence
  • 1850 Jacob Schuetz
  • 1855 Jacob Schuetz
  • 1860 Christian Gromlich? Goumley?
  • 1870 Michael Reller (See Lot 11.)
  • 1875 Michael Reller
  • 1880 Michael Reller
  • 1885 Michael Reller
  • 1890 Michael Reller
  • 1895 Michael Reller
  • 1899 Michael Reller
  • 1905 Michael Reller
  • 1910 Michael Reller
  • 1915 Michael Reller
  • 1920 Michael Reller
  • 1925 Michael Reller
  • 1930 Anna Reller et al
  • 1935 Anna Reller et al
  • 1940 Anna Reller et al
  • 1945 Anna Reller et al
  • 1950 Simon L. Miller