Lot 20


Tax records indicate that around 1860 either John Schob or Isaac Beardmore (probably John Schob) built a structure ($132) on this lot. About 1870, the lot value increased to $360, suggesting that John Schob either built an addition or a new structure (probably an addition). As noted in the account for Lot 19, which he also owned, Schob began making grain cradles along with his cabinetmaking business about 1860 and, by about 1875, he abandoned his cabinetmaking business in favor of full-time grain cradle making. It is reasonable to assume that he built or added to his shop on Lot 20 at this time.

Jacob Schwob was probably the first, and likely the only, craftsman in Miltonsburg who operated a manufacturing business designed to serve a market well beyond Miltonsburg and Monroe County. The possible exception might be Menkel Brothers, whose furniture has been found in areas well beyond Miltonsburg.

Simon Luly

Simon Luly operated his tin shop in this building from around 1880 until 1915.

There is some discrepancy regarding the length of the building shown in the sketch above. One note suggests it was about 160 feet long but local history suggest a building about half that length. It is possible that both dimensions are accurate. I believe Jacob probably built the longer building when he started his cradle manufacturing business and that Simon Luly removed about half of it when he used it as his tin shop.

Simon Luly made stove pipes and “all sorts of utensils.” When he stopped working (about 1915), George Freitag had Frederick Ketterer offer him ten dollars for his tools. Simon was infuriated and “for a long time after his sale his tools were stored in a building by the school house.” Luley’s shop was torn down by Clem Butler and used to build a garage on Lot 3 across the street.

Pictures of some of Simon Luly’s work:





Lot 20 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1835 James Sloan
  • 1836 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1837 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1844 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1845 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1846 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1847 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1848 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1849 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1850 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1855 Isaac Beardmore
  • 1860
  • 1866 John A. Schwob
  • 1870 John A. Schwob
  • 1875 John A. Schwob
  • 1880 Simon B. Luly
  • 1885 Simon B. Luly
  • 1890 Simon B. Luly
  • 1895 Simon B. Luly
  • 1899 Simon B. Luly
  • 1905 Simon B. Luly
  • 1910 Simon B. Luly
  • 1915 Simon B. Luly
  • 1920 Clement M. Burkhart
  • 1925 Clement M. Burkhart
  • 1930 Charles G. Feiock
  • 1935 Waldo L. and Esther M. Egger
  • 1935 Julia Menkel (part of the lot)
  • 1940 Waldo L. and Esther M. Egger
  • 1940 Charles G. Feiock
  • 1945 Matilda Egger
  • 1950 Matilda Egger