Lot 12


A sketch of Lot 12


Seen from the rear, looking northwest; ca. 2000


Looking southeast, ca. 2000



Tax records indicate that Nathan Hollister built a frame house ($207) on this lot in 1849. About 1855 the value rose to $343, suggesting a possible addition. The same house probably still exists in 2007.

Oral History

Chester Reller, grandson of Michael Reller and son of Charlie Reller, operated his first cobbler and harness shop in the shop on Lot 12. Previously the shop had been used by Dr. Keysor (Kaiser?). Chester later moved his shop to the building on Lot 23. This shop building was removed by Frank Claus and used to build a wash shed behind his house on Lot 45a.

When Philip Kremer owned this property, Clara Kremer (his wife) was the cook for the Catholic priest who lived at Lot 38.

Frank and Stella Claus lived with Stella’s mother, Mrs. Schrader, while George Landefeld was building their house on Lot 45a. George Schrader was a livestock dealer.

John Kress, who lived in this in the late 1930s had a reputation for being able to stop bleeding. On one occasion (probably about 1937-1938), Paul Young, Jr. had a very bad nosebleed that would not stop. He recalled his father saying, “I’d better get John Kress.” He left the house (Lot 44) and awakened John who simply said, “It will stop before you get back home.” And it did. Apparently John did not have to be present to work his spell. Paul Young, Sr. believed that John Kress lived here with his mother, who was only renting this house.

Lot 12 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1835 Daniel Johnson
  • 1836 Daniel Johnson
  • 1837 Daniel Johnson
  • 1844 William D. Patton
  • 1845 Nicholas Stout
  • 1846 Nicholas Stout
  • 1847 Nicholas Stout
  • 1848 Nicholas Stout
  • 1849 Nathan Hollister
  • 1850 John Burkhart
  • 1855 Jacob Kilbur? Kilburn?
  • 1860 Francis Miller
  • 1866 Joseph Farenbach
  • 1870 Adam Schuetz
  • 1875 Phillip Kremer
  • 1880 Phillip Kremer
  • 1885 Phillip Kremer
  • 1890 Phillip Kremer
  • 1895 Phillip Kremer
  • 1899 Phillip Kremer
  • 1905 Phillip Kremer
  • 1910 Phillip Kremer
  • 1915 Christina Schrader
  • 1920 Christina Schrader
  • 1925 Christina Schrader
  • 1930 Christian W. Schrader
  • 1935 Christian W. Schrader
  • 1940 Christian W. Schrader
  • 1945 Christian W. Schrader (Herman and Hilda Burkhart?)
  • 1950 Lewis O. and Margaret Young