Lot 38




This lot appears to have not been platted until about 1890 when B. A. Yunkes built a substantial structure ($400) from which he operated a hotel and livery stable. About 1910 the property was purchased by the Catholic Church and by 1915 the value had increased to $1560.

Oral History

Ben (B. A.) Yunkes was the son of Albert Yunkes, who operated the store on Lot 11.

According to Paul Young, Sr., about 1915, the livery stable was torn down by Father Mathes, who built a garage on the site. This garage had two doors that opened directly onto the street; therefore, one had to back across the street when getting out of the garage. A culvert was placed in the ditch across from the garage to a provide a place for backing the car. There was a blacksmith shop across the street from the livery stable.

Father Miller boxed in the front porch of the hotel about 1930.

Lot 38 Owners

(Partial List)

  • 1890 B. A. Yunkes
  • 1895 B. A. Yunkes
  • 1899 B. A. Yunkes
  • 1905 B. A. Yunkes
  • 1910 Rev. Bishop Hartley
  • 1915 Rev. Bishop Hartley
  • 1920 Rev. Bishop Hartley
  • 1925 Rev. Bishop Hartley
  • 1930 Rt. Rev. J. J. Hartley
  • 1935 Rt. Rev. J. J. Hartley
  • 1940 Rt. Rev. J. J. Hartley
  • 1945 Rt. Rev. J. J. Hartley
  • 1950 Rt. Rev. J. J. Hartley